[Dixielandjazz] Mother-in-Law

Ken Mathieson ken at kenmath.free-online.co.uk
Wed Jun 2 16:36:30 PDT 2010

Robert R Calder mentioned the hallowed Les Dawson in his posting on this thread. For non-UK listees, Les was a poker-faced North of England comedian who did loads of mother-in-law gags. A typical throw-away would be his description of his mother-in-law having a face like a sack of spanners! He told one about being in his dressing-room relaxing after a show, when a stagehand came in and said "Les, there's 6 guys beating the crap out of your mother-in-law in the lane at the back of the theatre." Les just sat there drinking his tea, so the stagehand said "Aren't you going to help?" Les thought for a bit, then said "No, six should be enough!"

He also had a gag about a guy from a small North of England town, who had left school and gone straight to work in the town's sewage works. He had never been out of the town in his life and, in his fifties, he was persuaded by his workmates to go on the works' outing to a famous seaside resort town, Blackpool. They were all walking along the sea-front when our hero, unaccustomed to the fresh sea air, took a funny turn and collapsed. It took 6 buckets of sh*t to bring him round!

Ken Mathieson

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