[Dixielandjazz] Hungarian OKOM

Marek Boym marekboym at gmail.com
Wed Jun 2 14:21:56 PDT 2010

It so happened (not due to any planning) that recently I've listened
to som excellent Hungarian OKOM.
Every listmate should know the Bohem Ragtime Jazz Band, as Thamas is a
frequent contibutor and often posts links to his band's videos.
But there are others.  Benko Dixieland Band has played Sacto, and
drawn very positive comment from such as Buddy Tate, Al Grey, Joe
Newman and Eddy Davis.  So that band, too, should be known at least to
some of those who attend Sacto.  BTW, I have just acquired another
Benko LP, with the four gentlemen listed here.
Not so the excellent Molnar Jazz Band (I don't know whether it still
exists), or the Orient Jazz Band that recorded with Joe Muranyi
(Jazzology JCD 266).

So perhaps listmates should reach out slightly farther and listen to
all those bands, better tah nmany (not all) of the bands so popular on
the festival circuit.

Right now, having reached across the Atlantic, I'm listening to The
Little Big Horns (on You Tube) recorded at the Spotted Cat in 2010
(they are young folks - the future, OUR future).

But now I'm going to pour myself a beer and listen to another LP I
bought yesterday (It's past midnight here) - by the British pianist
Eddie Thonpson's Trio.


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