[Dixielandjazz] Coffee and Jazz

Marek Boym marekboym at gmail.com
Wed Oct 21 15:55:57 PDT 2009

The subject has been banned, although it's often the consumption of
beverages, including both coffee and beer, that pays the bnds!

While Starbucks might have some trouble with the licencees, it was
mainly quality tha caused its failure.  price might have had something
to do with it, though - drinking muddy water is bad enough, but
drinking overpriced muddy water is even worse!

On 20/10/2009, Stephen G Barbone <barbonestreet at earthlink.net> wrote:
> On Oct 19, 2009, at 6:12 PM, Marek Boym wrote:
> >
> > > Starbucks, it seems, is expanding all over the world and millions of
> people,
> > > it seems, buy their product.
> > >
> >
> > Not in Israel!
> > They opened with a bang and Hollywood stars (can't remember who),
> > announce that it would teach the Israelis about coffee, and closed
> > down within a short time, as most potential customers (I haven't even
> > tried - could it have been prejudice, perish the thought?) refused to
> > drink muddy water.
> > Cheers
> >
> Surprisingly enough Starbuck's has almost 300 stores in the Middle East
> including 14 in Turkey where coffee is very different from the USA and the
> rest of the world. I think they learned a marketing lesson in Australia, ie.
> offer what the people want, not what we make in the USA. They offer Turkish
> style coffee on Ankara, Istanbul etc.
> What sunk the Israeli operation was very likely that they were over priced,
> did not offer anything different to the Israeli market, and some problems
> with their Israeli licensees. As you might know, Starbuck's are not company
> owned stores overseas like they are in the USA. They are owned and operated
> by local businessmen. Starbuck's Corporate claims "operating problems" with
> its Israeli partners for the partnership dissolution and closing of the
> stores in 2003.
> Presently Starbucks has about 16,000 outlets worldwide, about 5000 of which
> are outside the USA.
> MUSICAL CONTENT: Offer the public what they want at a reasonable price and
> they will buy your product. Works for Dixieland Jazz too, as many of the
> "working Dixieland bands" will attest to. Those of us who do not try and
> force King Oliver clone music down the kid's throats find that they become
> fans and dancers to our music.
> Cheers,
> Steve Barbone
> www.myspace.com/barbonestreetjazzband

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