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Hi Al,
I play piano and banjo, have played sax & bassoon.  Staccato means  stop 
the note immediately after producing it.  Mark number two means,  "legato" or 
shape and extend the note almost past it's full value. Your mark  number 3 
has to have context.  Sometimes on banjo music that means a down  stroke with 
the pick.  But in the music language world at large it is a  marcato.  It 
indicates that the note should be played  distinctly.  To me, it is a more 
subtle accent than is your number four  which is generally interpreted as 
playing the note louder than surrounding  non-accented notes.
It was a really good bassoon teacher that truly helped me practice and  
understand that every single note produced had a beginning, a middle and an 
end,  that good musicians controlled all three aspects of each note to  express 
music.  Somewhere along adult life I also learned that  expression is 
"pressing out", that which is within, a worthy meditation  subject for musicians.
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Although  I am definitely addicted to Starbucks.
For the musicians out  there.
Although this might be hard to do with text, I'd like to  hear
from each one wht you think the following articuation marks
mean to  you.
It would be helpful if you mention the instrument you
play along  with your answers.
1)  . Staccato
2) _ Over the note
3) ^   Over the note
4) > Over the  note

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