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Hi Jude,  We did that one year in February except rode from Chicago  all 
the way to Portland, Oregon and later back again.  Beautiful trip,  everything 
snow covered most of the way.  The sights we saw during day on  trip West 
were reversed to night scenes on way back.  Lucked into a  full moon on the 
snow covered mountains in Glacier National Park on one leg --  skipped our 
sleep to enjoy several hours of beauty.
Music content:  Try a few renditions of Kate Smith's "When the  Moon Comes 
Over the Mountain". 
(http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=onK4RAhKnQ0) >
Does anyone know of any jazz versions of this tune?
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European  Listees might like to know that Montana in October seemed 
pretty  inexpensive.  The exchange rate was kind to us and would be even  
kinder to "mainland Europe". Our comfortable room in the Red Lion cost  
the equivalent of £50 a night and there were cheaper options available.  
It took 3 flights from Heathrow to Kalispell so if we go again we might  
consider flying to Chicago and getting the Galcier Express to Whitefish  
(15 miles N of Kalispell)

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