[Dixielandjazz] Purists beer and coffee cont

Judy Eames jude at judyeames.co.uk
Sun Oct 18 04:50:26 PDT 2009


Don't know what just happened my finger must have slipped as the 
unfinished opus flew away unbidden!

I was going to mention the bottles of locally brewed beer with 6% 
alcohol .... Coors it wasn't!

And I was going to say .... "here ends the Commercial".  We met Karla on 
a Jazz Sea Cruise and she encouraged us to come to Kalispell and 
arranged for us to sit in with her band and a few others. We got the 
impression that well behaved sitters in (ie those who know that 1 or 2 
numbers is the limit;  unless otherwise informed :-) ) are encouraged. 

Tony and I often use a festival as a focus for visiting or revisiting 
other countries.  Our next trip will be to Tamas Itzes's festival in 
Hungary in March and  no doubt he'll be telling us about it soon!


www.jude at judyeames.co.uk

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