[Dixielandjazz] Jazz is Dead?

Stephen G Barbone barbonestreet at earthlink.net
Wed Oct 14 14:56:09 PDT 2009

Apparently not all forms of jazz are dead, or even close to it.

Steve Barbone

Bret Primack is pleased to report that his YouTube Jazz Video Guy  
channel has passed eight million views and that he’s just released a  
Sonny Rollins iPhone App.  On the cutting edge of technology and music  
since he co-founded Jazz Central Station the first major Jazz website  
in 1994, Bret is an advocate for utilizing new media as marketing and  
distribution tool for Jazz.  “To reach new listeners," Bret believes,  
"and consolidate the existing global Jazz audience, it’s important to  
provide access to Jazz on all new media platforms like YouTube and the  
iPhone, as well as social media networks Facebook and Twitter.”

The Jazz Video Guy

Bret has produced and posted over four hundred videos YouTube and  
websites for artists and labels.  Working closely with Sonny Rollins,  
Joe Lovano, Billy Taylor, the Concord Music Group and Mosaic Records,  
Bret has developed a reservoir of content and a loyal, enthusiastic  
worldwide following.  “What’s different now," Bret explains, is that  
my audience communicates directly with me through email, Facebook and  
YouTube comments.  Jazz is truly a global medium and the internet  
empowers musicians and record labels to facilitate the creation and  
distribution of content with a direct connection to the listener."

The Sonny Rollins iPhone App

The Sonny Rollins iPhone App, Bret’s latest creation, is a mini- 
website where users can listen to Sonny’s music, watch videos, and  
purchase concert tickets.  “Once the free App is downloaded from  
iTunes, it’s very easy to sample and purchase the music, from any  
location.  One click the music is automatically downloaded to the  
iPhone. Thirty five million iPhone users is a considerable potential  
audience for Jazz Apps worldwide."

Download the Free Sonny Rollins iPhone App

Jazz Video Guy’s YouTube Channel

Planet Bret

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