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Stan Brager wrote:

> I have the "Songs For Swingers" LP which was issued by Columbia on CL1320.
> I'd often wondered why Mosaic didn't include it on their Complete Buck
> Clayton Jam Sessions release. Possibly because "Songs..." was a more 
> formal
> setting. I haven't seen any re-issue of the LP. I know that Phillips 
> issued
> many Columbia LPs in Europe. I picked up a few in Germany and France when 
> I
> was in the service.

I've got it on Philips, but it's been played endlessly in the intervening 49 
years so it's not in great condition now. I suspect one reason it's never 
been re-issued on CD is that it doesn't run long enough and there are 
probably no alternative takes worth releasing. Pity, as it's a mainstream 


Ken Mathieson

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