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Sun Oct 11 17:32:17 PDT 2009

> <richard.flecknell at ntlworld.com> wrote:
> Okay where do I find those sides. I've much Clayton (he's so  
> reliably on top form) but can't find or even know of them. Unless  
> someone else is leader.

Dear Richard:

One swinger, (C Jam Blues) to to listen to is at:  (Wait for it to load)


Clayton, Eldridge, Guarnieri, Urbie Green, Georgie Auld, Buster  
Bailey, Stuff Smith, Garry Sheppard (vibes), Osie Johnson drums and an  
unknown bass player. Maybe Bill Haesler can supply the bass player's  
name. This kind of music was all around New York City in the 50s/early  

BTW: re your question about could Eldridge and Clayton make a good  
living. Yes, they could in Dixieland in the 1950s through mid 1960s in  
NYC. Plus they could supplement their steady gig earnings with casuals.

eg. Wilbur DeParis sidemen got $125 a week at Ryan's in 1951. Good,  
but not great money back then. The pay was better with swing bands in  
the late 1930s, but the travel schedules, especially for black  
musicians were really tough. The white guys took Society gigs with  
Lanin, or Meyer Davis Bands, sending subs to their Nick's or Condon's  
gigs because Society paid very well. This was unavailable to Blacks  
back then. Guys like D'Amico also took studio gigs, playing jazz on  
the side. That was a good middle class living. Things got very tough  
jazz wise from about 1962 on. Then, only the top guys could made a  
decent living. Today?, forget about it. Too many guys playing cheap  
gigs and not so many gigs.

Steve Barbone

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