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One the front side of the average 10" 78rpm record, there is but one groove.
It goes round and round until it reaches the middle.

That question was used to keep minorities in the South from voting.  It was
part of literacy tests that minorities were required to take to be allowed
to vote.

J. D. Bryce

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> ROBERT R. CALDER replied to James observation:
> >> Errrr, a cylinder has recorded material on only one side, the
> >> outside....
> with
> > I always thought the Bolden cylinder was different from others that
> > had been found in having no sides at all
> > Does Lee Morgan's SIDEWINDER have anything to do with the machinery
> > a cylinder is played on?
> Dear mates,
> Which raises another question.
> How many grooves are there on the front side of the average 10" 78rpm
> record?
> Very kind regards,
> Bill.
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