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Richard, not to worry, this week I did not have time to get agitated by  
emails.  Playing each night in a pit orchestra for The Boy Friend.  I  bring 
it up because the score and book are a spoof on the '20's so the music is  
quite fun.  We had one orchestra rehearsal and one dress rehearsal before  
playing for live audiences for six shows.  Several musicians in the  trumpets, 
reeds, and violins also trading off nights so it's been fun to hear  the 
orchestra get tighter (musically) each night in spite of that.
This was apparently the musical that made Julie Andrews a Broadway star at  
age 23.  Yesterday I talked with a cornet friend who saw Julie do this on  
Broadway and went down to visit with the pit.  He said that production had  
FIVE A-1 banjoists in the pit.  Those Were the Days, my friend -- too bad  
they had an end.
As far as all the Panama posts I learned more from all of them than  I do 
from some of our other topics.  I have even been listening  to various audios 
and vidoes of Panama and Panama Rag this week and it  is rather unlikely 
that would have occurred without the topic being brought  up.
I've also lived long enough to know that I often don't even know what it is 
 I needed, or wanted, to know.  At the time I may think something is  
irrelevant.  But somewhere down the road the info or the relationship  formed 
proves Good can be in control.
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I'm sure  Sheik and Ginny know now I was only gently pulling their legs. My 
original  comments from first post still stand  though.

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