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Mark Guest, jazz guitarist in Asheville, NC writes.



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"These days, gig can have a wide range of senses, including a fairly new one
that refers to any short-term paying commission or job; it need not be
associated with music or performance, but it does preclude permanent
full-time employment.'

Ugh. Now *that's* depressing!

All the best,

Mark Guest
Jazz Guitar

Norman writes;  the latter underlined portion of Guest's  message reminds me
of this story.

Eli Newberger of Boston, world-class tuba player and also pianist  is a
former member of the New Black Eagles jazz  band.  They had a weekly gig at
a local pub.   He is also a world expert pediatrician on faculty at Harvard
Medical School and physician at famous Boston Children's Hospital. ( Because
he was a professor, he was able to take time off when the New Black Eagles
would tour)  We had Eli down to Pensacola a couple of times for musical
events.  He stayed over on a Monday and did a "grand rounds" conference for
the local pediatricians.

The point of all this was to say that occasionally Eli would make reference
to his "day-gig."









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