[Dixielandjazz] No mas Panana, por favor.

Don Ingle cornet at 1010internet.com
Thu Oct 8 11:18:18 PDT 2009

"There comes a time in the life of every man when he must have something 
to believe in.
I believe I'll have another drink!"
So wrote the prince of all curmudgeons, W.C. Fields. He might well have 
written that after a week of reading more than one would ever want to 
know about the melody "Panama."
Is it possible that that there might be other subjects worthy of our eye 
strain we have not yet touched on. I can now understand how 
curmudgeonship might be achieved. By my count we have had near record 
postings on the subject, yet outside of a handful of alternate posts, 
most have gotten to be redundant on the Panamanian subject.
Considering the Great Mr Field's wisdom, I have decided to favor the 
delete button so as to swiftly get to "another drink!"
I know, gripe, gripe, gripe. But all things considered,
I'd favor being waterboarded over another week of Panama!

Don (waiting for the first snowy flakes to fall in Michigan) Ingle

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