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Shalom Margaret,

This sounds very much like a horn I bought on eBay a couple years ago. About
100 years old, shepherd's crook, silver, and the leather case sounds exactly
like what mine came in. Mine was/is in pretty good condition, possibly
refurbished before I got it. The name on mine says J.W. Pepper.

Someone I showed the horn to who is supposed to know such things said JW
Pepper was a music publishing company that used to buy horns with their own
name on them, and that this was a popular thing to do around the turn of the
last century. You might check out this possibility with your horn, that is,
check if the name could have been a music publisher that sold instruments in
their own name.

My cornet is quite a nice horn, especially considering its age and the price
I paid for it.

Doctor Jazz Dixieland Band
Jerusalem, Israel

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Can anyone help identify an old cornet?  It may be about 100 years old and
is in excellent condition. 
The name on the bell is difficult to read.  The first name is Jean.  The
last name on first glance looks like "Marleca" or "Marlecu".  But the "M"
could be a "W" and the "L" could be a "B".  The cornet has a laquer finish,
but we suspect it was originally silver.  Shepherd's crook, double spit
valve lever on the bottom of the horn, tuning slide stop rod.
The case is a satchel style with a flap that flips over the top and latches
and the cornet just rests in the case.  There is no padding in it.
Sound familiar to anyone?
Thank you for your help!
Modesto, CA

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