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"Ghost soldier" was not composed by Dizzy Gillespie but Haven Gillespie who 
wrote (with Fred Coots) amongst others "Santa Claus is coming to town". (I 
Gerard Bielderman

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> Here is one that I omitted. Although I am a HUGE Colyer fan I cannot get
> excited about this tune. It does have a redeeming aspect though, in as 
> much
> it can be appropriately played twice a year!
> I refer to "Ghost Soldier" which Ken recorded on several occasions, it 
> would
> be good for Remembrance Day as well as Halloween.
> Though I cannot possibly see this tune being accredited to Dizzy 
> Gillespie,
> as was the case in the highly recommended DVD/CD package that came from 
> the
> Colyer Trust. Perhaps one of our erudite UK members can comment on this.
> I will return to my official status as a "lurker" now.
> Cheers,
> Glen Page.
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