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David M Richoux tubaman at tubatoast.com
Wed Nov 25 12:35:29 PST 2009

I did an OKOM Halloween theme show many years on KFJC -   here are  
many of the songs I played. I include the Minnie The Moocher Series as  
the theme seems to fit with the holiday. Some repeated titles are  
actually different songs, others are done in very different styles.  
Some are not really Halloween-ish, but they seem to work.
(Some spelling and date errors  are probably included.)

Dave Richoux

Willie Bryant Orch   	 A Vipers Moan 1935
Clancy Hayes/Bob Scoby  	At the Devil's Ball 1955
Snub Mosley Band   	Between You and the Devil 42
Louis Armstrong  		Bibbity Bobbity Boo 1968
Tiny Parham    		Black Cat Moan 1929
Fred Elizade Cinderella Roof Orch  	Boneyard Shuffle 1926
Hal Kemp/Skinnay Ennis   	Boo Boo Boo 1934
Jelly Roll Morton    			Boogaboo
Red Nickles & 5 Pennies    	Bug a Boo
Mora's Modern Rhythmists     	Call of the Freaks
King Oliver  					Call of the Freaks 1929
Jelly roll morton Red Hot Peppers    	Deadman Blues 1926
Benny Carter Orch  			Devil's Holiday 1933
Slim & Slam   				Dopey Joe 1938
Fred Warring Pennsylvanians   	Dry Bones
Tommy Dorsey Orch   		Dry Bones 1950
Leon Oakley Lakeshore Serenaders     		Freakish 1979
Cab Calloway   		Ghost of Smokey Joe 1939
Canadian Brass   	Golliwogs Cakewalk 1975
Adrian Rollini   		Got the Jitters 1934
Bo Grumpus     		Graveyard Blues 1998
Will Bradley Orch   	Hall of the Mountain King 41
Tommy Dorsey    		Haunted Heart 1950
Leon Redbone     	Haunted House 1975
Gus Hoo Dixie Stompers   		He's a Devil in His Own Home Town
Hot Five   			Heebie Jeebies 1925
Syd Pelton Orch   	Hell's Bells
Jimmy Lunceford Orch    	Hi Spook 1941
Fletcher Henderson Connie's inn    		Hocus Pocus 1931
Todd Rollins Orch    	I'm a Ghost
Fletcher Henderson Dixie Stomp  	I'm Feeling Devilish 1928
Will Bradley Orch    	In the Hall of the Mountain King
Clarence Williams Washboard Bd   	 Jerry the Junker 1934
Rollin Smit's Rascals   	Kickin the Gong Around 1932
Cab Calloway   		Kickin' the Gong Around 1933
Franky Trumbouer    	Krazy Kat 1927
Durium Dance Band    	Lets All Be Fairies
Jeters Pillars Club Plantation  		Make Believe 1936
Devil Mtn J B    		Maniac's Ball 1991
Papa French N O J B     	Marie Laveau
Harlem Hamfats     	Mellow Little Devil 1938
Cab Calloway    		Minnie the Moocher
Jimmy Lunceford  	Minnie the Moocher Is Dead
Goodman, Benny   	Minnie the Moocher's Wedding Day
Mills Blue Rhythm Band    	Moanin 1931
Wingy Manone    		Mr Boogie Man 1944
5 Jones Boys     		Mr Ghost Goes to Town 1936
Louis Prima    	 	Mr Ghost Goes to Town 1936
Harry Reser Radio Allstars    	Mysterious Mose 1930
Rotorooter Good Time Xmas Band 		 Night on Bald Mountain
Nat King Cole Swing Trio    	Ol' Man Mose Ain't Dead 1939
Mills Bros     			Old Man of the Mountain
Fletcher Henderson Orch    	Phantom Fantasie 1934
Turk Murphy\Bea Barrett    	Pirate Jenny
Mills Blue Rhythm Boys     		Red Devil 1931
Jack Teagarden Orch     		Salt on a Devil's Tail 1942
Erskin Hawkins    			Satan Takes a Rhumba 1939
Pee Wee Erwin All Stars   		Satanic Blues 1952
Franky Trumbauer     			Shivery Stomp 1929
Louis Armstrong    			Skeleton in the Closet 36
Nat Gonella Georgians   		Skeleton in the Cupboard 1937
Eubie Blake Ivan Browning    	Some Little Bug
Bob Wallis Storyville Jazz    	Spooky Takes a Holiday
King Oliver   					St James Infrm 1930
Skinnay Ennis Orch    			Strange Enchantment 1939
Jay Mcshann    				Swingamatism 1941
Glenn Miler Orch     			Swingin' at the Seance 1941
John Gill's Dixie Serenaders   	Take Me to the Midnight Cakewalk Ball
Al Jolson    					That Haunting Melody 1911
Cab Calloway Orch     		That Ol' Black Magic 1950
The Trombones, Inc. 			That Old Devil Moon 1958
Alvin, Phil  					The Ballad of Smokey Joe
Ozzie Nelson Orch    			The Black Cat 1938
Tom Gerun Orch     			The Boogy Man Is Here 1930
Glenn Gray Casaloma Orch   	The Goblin Band 1937
New Mayfair Dance Orchestra 	 The Haunted House 1931
Glen Gray Casa Loma Orch   	The House Is Haunted 1934
John Kirby Orch Mildred Bailey     	The Little Man Who Wasn't There
Chicago Ramblers   			The Owl's Hoot
Cliff Jackson Krazy Cats    		The Terror 1930
Chrysanthemum Ragtime    	The Thriller 1985
Merrit Brunies Friars Inn Orch  	Up Jumped the Devil 1924
Orpheon Celesta    			Voodoo 1983
Jungle Crawlers  				Voodoo 1984
Eddie Bayard N O Classic J O      	White Ghost Shivers 1986
Michael White   				Wierd Blues 1992
Doc Cook 14 Doctors of Syncopators   	Willie the Weeper 1927
Cheap Suit Serenaders   				Willy the Weeper
Turk Murphy/Jimmy Stanislaus    		Yama Yama Man
Gene Kardos Orch    			 Zombie 1934

  On Nov 25, 2009, at 9:42 AM, Pam Munter wrote:

> Yeah, I know I'm a little late on this, but one of my band members  
> asked if there were any tunes that had a Halloween theme (other than  
> "Monster Mash").  Anybody out there have ideas?  I gave him "Bibbity  
> Bobbity BOO" but he was not amused.
> -Pam Munter
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