[Dixielandjazz] Command Performance from WW II and other such shows.

Lowell Busching verbose at daktel.com
Tue Nov 24 18:01:16 PST 2009

A recent post or two referenced the Command Performance shows from WW II 
with Bob Burns etc.  Those shows, and the  equally good shows like Mail 
Call, One Night Stand, etc,, and other such shows from WW II containing 
both  big band and small group performances by all the big names of the 
era can be obtained for $5 a CD in MP3 format.
Standard audio with less on a CD, of course, is also available on a 
different tab.

The number of shows per CD varies depending on availability of the 
shows. They can be a few to dozens per CD.

Check out http://www.otrcat.com

This site is in Kansas and so far I am a happy customer..  Not for 
audiophiles or those who will complain if a couple shows out of many for 
their $5 have audio problems that have not been corrected, if they can! 
He will ship overseas..

Some may be available at www.archive.org  for free, and apparently the 
link given on the DJML.  How cheap can you get and expect quality?

It is worth checking out for OKOM and other Old Time Radio shows. Sample 
shows are available for each show. There are many such sites on the 
Internet with similar names. This is currently my favorite.  $5 a CD is 
his pricing model.

Efforts are made to avoid any copy write problems.


PS. Don't kill the messenger if YOU are not happy.

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