[Dixielandjazz] A Jazz Lesson From 1956

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Mon Nov 23 14:35:26 PST 2009

Fantastic indeed.
A few things, though:  critics were not unanimous in appreciation of
the Gonsalves solo, and some referred tp it as "rabble rousing."  I
had innumerable disputes about that with my friends, based on the
assumption that, if it sounded good, it was GOOD (years before I have
kearnt that the Duke had said it before).
Another thing is that the Capitol and Musicraft Ellington recordings
were not all that good, even if they included a gem or two.  Hodges'
absence, too, had negative effect.  But that changed in 1956, months
before Newport.  In February '56 the Duke recorded two LPs which were
comparable with those of the 1940's band.  My copies (on the British
Ember) are titled "Duke Ellington Presents" (according to the sleeve,
a Bethlehem recording) and "Stomp, Look and Listen" (also issued as
"Historically Speaking;"  according to the sleeve - a King recording).
On July 28th, 1956, the Duke played at the Connecticut Jazz Festival
in Fairfield, where the Gonsalves solo was 37 choruses, as compared to
the 27 in Newport.  It was issued on Queen-Disc ) 044 ("Jazz Festival
Jazz), and sounds every bit as exciting as the Newport one.

Anyway, it was lovely to hear the Newport performance again, even if I
heard it not long ago on the old LP.


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> Fantastic!
> Thanks for that!
> John
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> John Pappas
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