[Dixielandjazz] Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band

Gary Kiser gary at kiser.org
Mon Nov 23 12:25:16 PST 2009

Robert Ringwald wrote:
> I thought it really swung -- Not because of the song, but because of the way it was sung and mostly because of the way the band played it.  Especially the tuba player -- he was a gas.  
> --Bob Ringwald

My point exactly.  It is not the music, but the musicians that make 
swing swing.  Is that to say that any musician/band can play any tune?  
No, of course not.  Some musos are sensitive to certain musical turns 
that another musician is not.  My thinking is that if it swings for you, 
who cares who wrote it and/or when it was written.

I am looking around for a great recording of Louis Mazetier and 
Jean-Marc Montaut playing "Giant Steps" in a four handed stride 
treatment that swings to all get out.

All the best, Gary

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