[Dixielandjazz] Auld Lang-revisited

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Mon Nov 23 12:10:28 PST 2009


I personally love a good banjo, especially one made from wood---they 
burn longer. ( ok, so that's an old one, and you've heard it).    Until 
they set up a "sick humor rehab", there's no hope for me.

   I just threw in the Auld-Lang-banjo-player remark  as "stupid 
musician's humor".... you know how that goes. . .  I'm certain that 
banjo players hear it all the time.   If I just pick up a banjo and 
carry it around, the jokes start flying at me, satisfying my 
masochistic tendencies. There ought to be a law against such banjo 
malignment, huh? With today's laws it's almost the only group remaining 
that we can legally make jokes about.

Seriously, I honestly do love good banjo playing and play string bass 
or rhythm guitar with a couple of professional banjo players at the 
Sacramento banjorama and other events. Banjo players have as much fun 
as anyone, and are definitely a bunch of nice people.  That said, 
please don't hit me with your banjo should we ever cross paths.


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> In a message dated 11/23/2009 9:34:11 A.M. Central Standard Time, 
> sharp-b at clearwire.net writes:
>> I Forgot to add, regarding the correct key - --
>> Ask the banjo player what key he learned it in.
>> bsHow could a song be learned that is only needed once a year?  Might 
>> as well just fake one like that!  (I'm joking folks!)
> Auld Lang Syne is in the St. Louis Banjo Club book in the key of F.  
> We play for sing along audiences of 75 - 100 twice a month.
> Ginny
> A by-the-book St. Louis banjoist.
> PS:  By the way music reader's come in handy when someone does do a 
> revival of shows such as Mame.  Banjoists who read scores are becoming 
> very scarce.
> PPS:  Related to the above I don't get too upset with the person 
> who doesn't like the sound of the banjo.  Rather I get upset with the 
> person playing the banjo that you did not like hearing.
> PPPS:  I guess we're lucky when we reach our senior years.  The young 
> are happy with their own musical creations.  And we don't mind dying 
> so much since the planet is getting unrecognizable to us anyhow.  Plus 
> it often "sounds terrible" to our ears.


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