[Dixielandjazz] Pete Kelly's Blues DVD Available in LimmittedQuanity

Robert Ringwald rsr at ringwald.com
Sat Nov 21 14:02:25 PST 2009

Bert Brandsma wrote:  

 > Hello Bob,
 > I just bought a copy of Pete Kelly's Blues a few weeks ago.
> There is a website in the United Kingdom specialised in old movies, however they are not legal versions.
>The point I did it is that it is the only source that I could find that could deliver it in European PAL settings.
 > I saw the movie many years ago on German TV (Synchronised in that language, always a pitty but then it impressed me allready), and been looking to purchase it for years, I simply was very happy to 
> have it now.
> The quality of the DVD is Ok. So if there are more people in Europe, I could look up the address.

Yes, I'm sure some folks over there would like to have a copy.  

> I envy you to have played with Nick Fatool, I love his big band drumming.

He was a marvelous small band drummer also.  

I just played with him in a few Jazz Festival type shows and some jam sessions.  But we got to be pretty good friends.  Here is a couple memories of him.  

He once told me that as a drummer, if you can't hear the front line, then you are playing too loud.  

When I lived in Los Angeles, I did a 3-hour Jazz radio show once a week for 16 1/2 years.  At one time, as a station fund raiser, I hired Johnny Mince to come out from NY to play with Nick, Ray Sherman and Ray Leatherwood on a concert.  We also had my band at the time, the Great Pacific Jazz Band with Zeke Zarchy on Trumpet and bob Havens on trombone.  

The concert was held at a college audotorium where, of course, booze was not allowed.  My uncle set up a bar back stage for the musicians.  

We went on first of course while Nick and the guys hung out at the make-shift bar.  

By the time they came on, Nick was a little pissed, I believe you call it in your country.  We have several names for it here, one of which is smashed...  

He of course played great.  But at the end when the band was being announced, Nick stood up from the drums, fell over backwards and disappeared behind the curtain.  He wasn't hurt but it sure was funny...  

 --Bob Ringwald

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