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> For the past few months I've been transferring my recordings
> and tapes to cd.
> I came across one tape (copy of an Lp called "The Original")
> by Matt Dennis and I am never wrote down one song title.
> Recording is on Glendale 6006.
> First song "Tonight Is Ours"
> Second "Easy To Love"
> Third "I Still Get Jealous"
> Fourth ???????
> Anyone out there have the recording. If so, would you be kind
> enough to supply the title. ASCAP search didn't help.
> Lyrics start with "Things that happen"
> Chorus ends with the line
> "All these things have happened to me".
> Cheers,
> Al
> Pianist, Composer, Arranger, Conductor, Teacher and Music Prep.
> Please visit me at
> http://alevy.com

Hi Al,

Could it be " Everything Happens to Me" ?
"In one year, Dorsey recorded fourteen of Matt's songs, including EVERYTHING 
HAPPENS TO ME, which was one of Frank Sinatra's early hits with the band"
Check out http://www.faculty.ucr.edu/~eschwitz/mdennis.htm
John D


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