[Dixielandjazz] Tri State Jazz Society & The TV show

Stephen G Barbone barbonestreet at earthlink.net
Thu Nov 12 13:07:40 PST 2009

Ed Wise, Paul Grant, Sonny Troy and I spend a delightful half hour  
with Nora Muchanic on Channel 6 TV (Philadelphia) yesterday. The jazz  
and discussion session was arranged by Fred Weber of the Tri State  
Jazz Society (NJ, DE, PA)

We played snips of 6 tunes (guitar/Bass/Trumpet/Clarinet) and  
discussed trad jazz with host Muchanic. The theme was trying to get  
jazz to young people and how the Jazz Society is seeking to get new,  
young members.

It will appear as a half hour show on Channel 6 TV (ABC affiliate)  
this Saturday at 5:30 AM. If any locals are up then and can video tape  
it, I would like a copy and would be happy to pay for it. My video  
taper is broken. I can TIVO it and save it to my TV set, but cannot  
copy it. (The program will also be shown at random times during the  
next 6 month or so)

It was a fun session done entirely on the fly. All improvised  
including Ms. Muchanic's questions, and done in one take. etc.

One thing I kept asking myself when they zoomed in on head shots which  
we could see on the monitors. "Who that hell is that old man?"

I'm curious as to how the clarinet will sound as it was not miked  
other than the general mike in the studio. We wore lapel mikes for our  
voices. Bass, guitar and trumpet had individual mikes also, but  
nothing for the clarinet. Hmmmm.

Fred did a great job getting this TV slot for us. He said he did it  
all by email, but he did have to remind Ms Muchanic 5 or 6 times  
before it was finally nailed down. Moral? Don't give up if your first  
pitch is ignored or forgotten.

That's what they taught us way back in Marketing 101, 50 years ago. It  
takes 7 impressions (or ads) on average before you get noticed. That  
is why we see so many repetitive ads in the media these days.


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