[Dixielandjazz] Jazz bands on TV shows

Ron L'Herault lherault at bu.edu
Wed Nov 11 14:43:12 PST 2009

The NBEJB appeared in music related shows on both radio and TV but also on
at least one non-music show, if memory serves, a program hosted by Paul
Benzoquin (and I am not sure if that is spelled correctly).  Maybe Tony
Pringle can give us more details.

Ron L

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Ron L'Herault wrote: (about promoting on TV)

 >"The New Black Eagles used to appear on local TV. I Think it has, at  
least in part, to be due to the host's interest in different music. If  
the host running the show isn't open to it, I doubt it is going to  
happen. Should we ask? Definitely."

Dear Ron & List Mates

The interesting thing about the TV program we are going to tape today  
is that it is not a music show. It is a show about what's going on in  
Southern NJ, a broad look at interesting local events. There are lots  
of these type TV (and radio) shows. Many of them will love the idea of  
a local jazz band as a "happening thing".

Most of them have no budget and so you do them free, however this is  
one case where exposure results in numerous gigs.

Barbone Street has, for example, has appeared on "Delaware Today"  
several times, with reminisces of Clifford Brown prior to the Clifford  
Brown Jazz Festival, (Channel 12 PBS) on "West Chester Happenings,  
(Local Cable). Local cable in Radnor PA, as well as several  
Philadelphia News broadcasts. We've also been broadcast live several  
times, on local radio during our Equestrian Event Jazz Concerts and  
from other events.

Newspapers have similar articles which are begging for interesting  
copy. What could be more interesting than "Jazz, America's Music"? As  
played by a local band of swinging old folks? <grin>

Definitely has helped us get gigs, many high paying like weddings,  in  
the Philadelphia / Wilmington metro area. More than offsets the   
"freebie".  Just remember to sell the sizzle, not the steak.

Leaving now for this one.

Steve Barbone

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