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Wed Nov 11 11:10:13 PST 2009

If you get this more than once, I apologize!  I am so proud of these  
youngsters!  They are all between the ages of 8 and just-turned  thirteen.  Half 
of the group is 10 or younger.  None have been playing  banjo for longer 
than two years.  They each begin with about 3 months of  individual weekly 
lessons.  Once they join band, they rehearse  together one hour a week.  The 
rest is achieved through their personal  practice time at home.  This 
performance was their 69th hour  together.  There are 8 of them, but sometimes only 
six playing banjo as one  is playing washtub bass and one washboard.  They 
performed "Rocky Top" with  only the director's count-off, but no further 
adult direction or  participation during the performance.  "Rock Around the 
Clock" had NO  adult direction or participation during this performance.  That  
count-off by means of a verbal, "Let's get ready to rock" is  coming from 
the 9 year old vocalist!  "When the Saints -- Yes Sir  That's My Baby" had an 
adult playing the Intro who then dropped out.  The  Entertainer did have one 
adult playing lead along with one 12 and one 13 year  old, one adult 
playing rhythm along with two 12 year olds.  All the tunes  you hear were done in 
one take except The Entertainer where the third time was  'the charm'.  We 
have two girls on leave of absence.   The band  you hear in this performance 
is 7 males and one female.  One ten, one  eleven, and two 13 year old males 
have begun pre-band this fall.
The title of the band is not a typo.  Rather it is the name the kids  chose 
for themselves to abbreviate St. Louis Youth Banjo Band.
In addition to what they are accomplishing musically, they are one  
fantastic group of kids to have in one's life!
The initial broadcast will be on Saturday, November 14 from 8 - 10 a.m.  
Central Standard Time on KDHX-FM.  By noon of that day you should be able  to 
receive this program at any point in time via Internet Streaming.
I am sorry you cannot hear only just the STL BandJos in one block  of time. 
 The format of this program, called "Musical Merry-Go Round", is  for other 
professionally  recorded music and chat to be interspersed  with guest 
studio performers.  STL BandJos are the November 14,  2009 guests.
I will try my best to send links that function, via both the full and  the 
Tiny Url approach.
Sometimes things happen between the AOL send button and what comes up via  
various servers.  If my links fail, you want www.kdhx.org , then go to  
radio programs, then the link on Saturday, Musical Merry-Go Round.  If the  
links appear on your screen between parenthesis, that should be the link that  
&Itemid=268) )
(_http://tinyurl.com/5ewpqt_ (http://tinyurl.com/5ewpqt) )
Ginny Luetje in St. Louis,
Director of STL BandJos, Don Dempsey, Assistant  Director

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