[Dixielandjazz] Steve Brown - and Bass Ale Blues

Bill Haesler bhaesler at bigpond.net.au
Wed Nov 4 22:08:49 PST 2009

David M Richoux wrote [in part]:
> On the only early version of Bass Ale Blues I have, the tuba (not  
> string bass) break is credited to Joe Tarto (The Titian of the Tuba)
in reply to Marek Boym who started this thread with:
>> Speaking of unearthing nice music - how about Bass Ale Blues by the
>> Original Memphis 5, with a brass bass break by Miff Mole?

Dear Marek and Dave,
"Bass Ale Blues" (1925. Napoleon - Signorelli - Jackson) has no  
connection with Steve Brown, as implied by the Subject line above. It  
was recorded several times in 1926.

Original Memphis Five
Phil Napoleon (t/tu) Miff Mole (tb) Jimmy Lytell (cl) Frank Signorelli  
(p) Jack Roth (cymbal only) (d)
New York, September 17, 1925 for Victor.

The Hottentots [Original Memphis Five]
Phil Napoleon (t) Miff Mole (tb) Dick Johnson (cl) Frank Signorelli  
(p) Joe Tarto (tu).
New York, January 23, 1926 for Brunswick.

Joe Candullo And His Everglades Orchestra:
Mike Mosiello, Harry Susnow (tp) Goof Moyer (cl,as) Gerry Salisbury  
(cl,as,ts) Joe Candullo (vln) Frank de Carlo (p) John Montesanto (bj)  
Nick Farrara (tu) Billy Southard (d)
New York, February 23, 1926 for Harmony.

Original Memphis Five
Phil Napoleon (t) Miff Mole (tb) Jimmy Lytell (cl) Frank Signorelli  
(p) Jack Roth (d).
*No tuba on this version.
New York, c. March 1, 1926 for Pathé.

Joe Candullo And His Everglades Orchestra:
2 tp, tb, 2 cl/as, cl/ts, Joe Candullo (vln,vcl) unknown p, bj, tu and  
New York, September 2, 1926 for Edison.

The Joe Candullo versions have not been reissued on LP or CD, to my  
knowledge. I have never heard them.
I have the three OM5 versions.
The Victor and Brunswick recordings are on the Red Hot Song site:
I suggest that Marek's source for Miff Mole playing tuba on the Victor  
OM5 is wrong, or he was relying on memory.
As indicated above, the tuba solo on the Victor recording was played  
by Phil Napoleon.
For the Brunswick record they added bassist Joe Tarto on tuba.
The Pathe-Actualle version has no tuba present.
Sorry Dave, I too was unable find a 1925 connection for English Bass  
Ale and the USA (or Canada).
Very kind regards,

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