[Dixielandjazz] What tune info do you put on CDs?

Bill Haesler bhaesler at bigpond.net.au
Mon Nov 2 19:29:15 PST 2009

  Dave wrote asked:
> ....... I would like to know what info must be included in the list  
> of tunes. I do plan to visit harryfox.com and pay the ASCAP dues for  
> the tunes that aren't Public Domain.

Dear Dave,
This is a query best answered by your colleagues in the US, as the  
rules vary for different countries.
However, I hope you do no mind some minor corrections to the tune list.
You may, or may not like the format I use.
I feel that the commas and ampersands used by some people look a bit  
I also put author(s) first and lyricist(s). Not important, just as  
long as it is consistent.
Very kind regards,

Swing That Music
1936. Louis Armstrong - Horace Gerlach

Tin Roof Blues
1923. George Brunies, Paul Mares, Mel Stitzel, Ben Pollack, Leon  
Rappolo, Walter Melrose.
    Also given as: New Orleans Rhythm Kings.

Clarinet Marmalade
1918. Larry Shields - Henry Ragas.

Linger Awhile
1923. Vincent Rose - Harry Owens.

Mandy Make Up Your Mind
1924. Grant Clarke - Roy Turk - George W. Meyer - Arthur Johnston.

Some of These Days
1910.  Shelton Brooks.

I've Found A New Baby
1926. Spencer Williams - Jack Palmer.

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