[Dixielandjazz] Jazz; what's in a name

dwlit at cpcug.org dwlit at cpcug.org
Fri Mar 27 12:23:31 PDT 2009

I'm not surprised that they frequently omitted mention jazz, because most
of our favorite bands *did* play music for all occasions. Jazz was
probably just one of the musics they played...


> Just inside the Jazz Museum at the old US Mint in New Orleans - at least
> before Katrina - there was a collection of musicians' business cards,
> donated by
> Al Rose I believe. Very few mentioned the word jazz. Most specified "Music
> for  all occasions." It seems to me that the dubious aspects of the
> supposed
> meanings  of the word jazz were utilised for some cheap publicity; not a
> million
> miles  away from the "Laughin' Louie" pronunciation of the Armstrong name
> when
> everyone  back home knew him as Louis (Lewis) - it sold better.
> Brian Wood

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