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Bud, I'm not sure of the rules that apply here (oldest band under the same leadership, same personnel, same name), but.............
The Bob Crosby Bob Cats first performed as a stand alone unit within the Bob Crosby Orchestra in 1937. They continued to exist in some form until Mr. Crosby passed away in 1993. We (Bobby Levine and I) began negotiations first with Bob and his wife June in 1991 to continue the use of the name when it became obvious that he (Bob) was unable to continue his leadership, and finally received approval from the estate to continue in 1995. Since then, the Bob Cats have been on the prowl. 2010 will mark the 75th year (Diamond anniversary) of the Bob Crosby Orchestra and therefore the 73rd year since the Bob Cats first performed, almost continuously (except for 1994).
Sooooooo, does 73 years count?
Ed Metz

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My Epsilon Jass Band is 46 years old this spring, Can anyone give me details of longer running bands??
Don Ingle will know if anyone does. Don played trumpet with us for a year or two.?
Just curious.?
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