[Dixielandjazz] Oldest trad band continuously still playing

Jim Kashishian jim at kashprod.com
Sun Mar 22 03:27:19 PDT 2009

>My Epsilon Jass Band is 46 years old this spring, Can anyone give me
details of longer running bands?  Bud

I believe my original band, the South Frisco Jazz Band (Vince Saunders,
Huntington Beach, California) lasted 50 yrs., but they stopped playing as a
band just after that.

Our band here in Madrid is almost up to you guys.  Having formed in 1967,
that makes us 42 yrs old.  Myself & the pianist are original members, and
our latest arrival to the band (the drummer) was in 1981!  We have never,
ever stopped playing steadily in local jazz clubs, & at company gigs,
weddings, & concerts throughout Spain.  We always go out as a full band. Our
list of songs is constantly changing, as are our ideas.  Everynite is, I
hope, a new experience for ourselves & the audience.  Old?  Nope, we're


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