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> Hi all,
> Just found this little PR story, I am listening to Michael McQuaid's  band 
> on MySpace right now - pretty hot! (wouldn't exactly call it  "Frisco 
> Jazz" but maybe this ensemble is different.)
This is Michael's "bigger" band. As the web site says:

Hot jazz from the Roaring Twenties'
Michael McQuaid's Red Hot Rhythmakers is an exciting young band from 
Melbourne, Australia, aiming to bring new life to the hot and sweet sounds 
of 1920s and 1930s jazz bands such as those led by Duke Ellington, Fletcher 
Henderson and King Oliver. Formed in January 2004, the band is led by 
multi-instrumentalist Michael McQuaid, and features a combination of 
musicians already highly regarded in the jazz world as well as some exciting 
newcomers. They launched their debut CD 'Rhythm Of The Day' on 20 January 

The line-up of the East Coast Frisco Band: Ian Smith trumpet, Michael 
McQuaid, clarinet, John Braben trumpet, Mike Hawthorn trombone, Jo 
Bloomfield, piano, John Withers banjo, Richard Stevens sousaphone and Ben 
Elliott drums, is completely different.
Ian has played in many bands on trumpet, drums, sousa and vocals. He has 
been on recording sessions as vocalist only, he is that good. Michael has 
played in many bands (at his age?); He first came to my attention as a 
fifteen year old playing clarinet with the Black Mountain Jazz Band in 
Canberra. He had/has an insatiable tast for traditional jazz of many styles. 
John B. originally from New Zealand, has been a regular in Australia for 
many years and has toured the world with bands from Oz; he toured with 
Ashley Keating's Louisiana Shakers. John W played with the Rod Mason band 
from UK in the 70's and so many bands in Australia since then I can't count. 
I could go on about Mike, Jo, Richard (an ex, maybe current DJMLer) and Ben 
but I think you get my message,
I wish I could be in Queensland to hear the band but the Tyranny of 

Phil O'Rourke

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