[Dixielandjazz] Isradixie

Marek Boym marekboym at gmail.com
Sat Mar 14 16:20:59 PDT 2009

Hello Listmates,
last night rwo of my friends and I went to hear the Isradixie Band.
It was LOVELY!  Even when the band plays the same tunes, its leader
Avraham Felder "Agashkin" so often changes the arrangements, that it
always sounds fresh, not to mention the improvised solos!  Its West
End Blues, for example, did not start with the classic Armstrong intro
- that came later, played by the entire front line of Felder (tpt),
Yossi Regev (tbn), Jacques Sany (sop) and Merton Cahm (ten); instead,
Felder played something similar to the classic beginning, but
something of his own!  Felder is originally from the Ukraine, and the
very mention of "Agashkin" brings a smile to the faces of many of the
repatriants from the ex-USSR.  Indeed, most of the public consisted of
Russian speakers.  Not surprisingly, Midnight in Moscow, played as a
medley with Dark Eyes, brought the most enthusiastic applause.  The
band was no over-amplified - we sat right in front thereof, and were
not blown out, nor suffered from ringing ears.  Tin Roof was played
accoustic, with the front line sitting on the edge of the stage rather
than standing at its microphones.
In all, a very pleasant and satisfying experience.
I am happy to mention that the spacious restaurant was full to capacity.

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