[Dixielandjazz] FW: Advice about Mics

Jim Kashishian jim at kashprod.com
Tue Mar 10 10:14:48 PDT 2009

>Do any of you have any experience with stereo mics for camcorders? 

Sony makes (or did make) a nice stereo Electret Condenser mic (the ECM979)
which is not outlandish in price as far as decent mics go.  It is battery
powered, and not huge (although that depends on what you are used to!).  The
single 5 pin XLR plug goes into the mic, and the cable splits off into two
XLR inputs to your recorder at line level, so that would be the deciding
factor as whether it would be good for you or not...depending on your input.

There is a switch for music or voice (m or v), and a pot to sweep from zero
through to 150 degrees.

It could now go under a different name, as Sony likes to change the name,
and change the price on these things.


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