[Dixielandjazz] Whattya sow, anyway? Whattya reap? Someday Sweetheart

Dick Baker djml at dickbaker.org
Sat Mar 7 18:03:54 PST 2009

I've been occupied in remastering some old orchestrated ragtime LPs 
to CD in recent weeks.  As I was working on a 1989 Bohem Ragtime Band 
LP last week, I noticed that the singer sang this lyric to "Someday 

"And as you sow, so shall you reap,
  And what you reap will make you sow, someday sweetheart"

Huh?  "What you reap will make you sow"?  Doesn't make any 
sense.  The lyric I've always known is

"And what you reap will make you weep, someday sweetheart," which 
makes sense AND rhymes.

I just presumed that the Hungarian vocalist, whose English was 
heavily accented, had misheard and not understood the lyrics that he 
was singing.  But now I've come to the 1974 double-LP on Vanguard of 
the New Orleans Ragtime Orchestra, and there's trumpeter Lionel 
Ferbos singing that same "wrong" lyric!

Did Ferbos suffer a lapse in memory that got picked up by Hungarians 
15 years later, or is this odd lyric floating around other places?

      Dick Baker
  djml at dickbaker.org

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