[Dixielandjazz] Alva Pomba (White Dove)

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I found a few hits on Google but no music.


Here's one quote, regarding a parade in Hayward. The URL is:


"Next came the musical honor guard of the first visiting queen, a trio
composed of two saxophones and an accordion playing the traditional
Alva Pomba, White Dove. The melody was pleasantly innocuous, but
played over and over again with scarcely a pause to mark the point at
which one rendition finished and another began, it soon became hypnotic."

Another reference from Pinole refers to this tune as the Azorean hymn.
The URL is: 

"A Sunday parade took place through the neighborhoods of Pinole with 
marchers, flags,
music and the Pinole Band playing the Azorean “Alva Pomba” hymn to the 
Holy Ghost. "

Still another reference from Stonington, CT refers to it at the "Holy 
Ghost hymn"
The URL is: http://www.stoningtonhistory.org/archiv15.htm

"Hot dogs are the flavor of Labor Day for many people. For me, since 
buying a house in Stonington Borough in 1970, the taste of Labor Day is 
the taste of a soup with chourico in it, served over bread with mint 
springing from the bowl -- Portuguese sopas. The sound of Labor Day is 
the Holy Ghost Hymn going down our narrow street, passing the house and 
its two flags: the Stonington Battle Flag and the Portuguese national 
flag displayed in the old Portuguese section because it's the weekend of 
Holy Ghost, the Festa do Espirito Santo."

Sorry I couldn't find any music.

Bruce Stangeland
Berkeley banjoist



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Hi all,

Trombonist/band leader John Soulis  is looking for sheet music for  
this Portuguese Catholic traditional march for his High School level  
jazz band. I've never heard of it and Google is not much help. It is  
supposed to be a very popular march in the Portuguese-American  
community but nobody around San Jose, CA he has talked to knows much  
about it.

Either a lead sheet or specific trumpet, trombone, clarinet, alto sax,  
tenor sax, tuba and guitar/banjo parts would be great. Any ideas or  
leads? Composer name to help searching?


Dave Richoux

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