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Stephen G Barbone barbonestreet at earthlink.net
Fri Mar 6 18:39:32 PST 2009

The Center for Jazz Studies at Columbia University (NYC-USA) haas put  
up an inter4sting web site. Lots there to surf:


I was fascinated by the huge Bibliography listing of history and  
criticism of jazz. See:


Lots of pre 1940 writings there, as well as the more current writings.  
You have to love some of the titles, like:

"Jazz, Is It Music or Something Else?" Jacob's Band Monthly 1924

"Fails to Stop Jazz, Is Arrested Later"  NY Times 1922

"Accursed Jazz"  The Baton 1924

"Unspeakable Jazz Must Go" -Ladies Home Journal 1921

And MANY, MANY more.

Also check out the jazz glossary for some wonderful you tubes. Click  
on "B" and go to Blues and see Count Basie and Oscar Peterson playing  
a slow blues with bass and drums. Just imagine listing to that in a  
dimly lit club with a beautiful soul mate on your arm and a glass of  
Cardhu in your hand.

Or check out Dixieland for Humphrey Lyttelton and "Tin Roof".

Steve Barbone

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