[Dixielandjazz] Advice to modernists playing older jazz forms

Ken Gates kwg28 at sbcglobal.net
Fri Aug 28 09:14:55 PDT 2009

 While glancing through a jazz theory publication that caters to current 
instructional methods (most of it way over my head), there was advice
as to how best to cope with unexpectedly playing with "traditional" style
players.  I will paraphrase (but not change meaning) of several of the
"rules"---so as to not violate copywrite material.

....Select notes with economy and don't become locked into the chord
    of the moment.
....Look for common tones rather than guide tones,  references to
   the melody are always appropriate.
....Melodic repetition, alteration, and development are useful.
....Use natural 9ths and 13ths freely on major and dominant chords.
....Pentatonic scales are appropriate.

There's more, but that is the main drift.  

Learning to play like Coltrane etc certainly requires a great deal of
training and skill.  Still, my listening enjoyment is best satisfied with the
likes of Armstrong, Beiderbecke, Goodman, Wild Bill, and many of the
current players of what we are calling OKOM.

Ken Gates    

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