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Wed Aug 26 07:28:52 PDT 2009

Different terms mean different things to different people.

Define "Swing," "Bebop," "West Coast" or (my favorite) "Chicago style." 
None of us are going to do it exactly the same way.

"Dixieland" has the same kind of issues, but represented a fairly limited 
vision of what was/should be played. "OKOM" retains a stylistic 
concept/limitation but greatly broadens the horizons within that concept. 
It identifies stylistic elements separated from Bebop or Swing, but doesn't 
remain within the confines of Dixieland.

It would seem to me that it reinforces the ideas being presented here rather 
than limiting them.

I do use "OKOM" in posting things on EBay, as well as their somewhat 
limiting "Dixieland."  But deciding how to fit EBay's categories is a 
crapshoot anyway.  Jim, if I'm out of line using OKOM there, let me know and 
I'll stop! (Grin)


Martin D. McKay, Designated Listener

(On EBay as MacJazz with some pretty good OKOM LPs up---another shameless 
----- Original Message -----

The OKOM abbreviation was developed on DJML only as that, an
abbreviation....a way to get around using words like Dixieland, trad, etc.,
which got us into never ending discussions about what each of those words
meant to each one.  There is/was nothing more to it than that.


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