[Dixielandjazz] Name that Song (traditional jazz) winners

Yvonne Au jazz4ev at gmail.com
Wed Aug 12 15:40:35 PDT 2009

Some DJML members post their guesses on DJML rather than on YouTube, and
others post directly onto YouTube.  Since this series is also posted on
Facebook, there are the Facebook winners as well.   Since the YouTube
winners are acknowledged on YouTube, we wish to also acknowledge the
following correct answers from the DJML crowd as well.

DJML winners:

Episode 1:  no correct answer on YouTube within a week, but on August 4th,
jdapogny at umich.edu from DJML guessed WHEN I SEE ALL THE LOVIN' THEY WASTE ON
Episode 2:  SFRaeAnn <http://www.youtube.com/user/SFRaeAnn> correctly
guessed, "Knee Drops" on YouTube
 Episode 3:  Jazzlovr correctly entered her guess on YouTube, stating that
Brandon gave out too many hints when he mentioned Bob Ringwald, having
performed and recorded "A Huggin' and a Chalkin'"
Episode 4:  On August 10th,  rahberry at comcast.net guessed "Rose of
Washington Square"

[image: Follow up message]
A note from Brandon Au, "Congratulations to all of you!  Justin and I thank
you for watching our videos, and we look forward to creating future episodes
(some of which include some special guests).  If anyone has any special
requests for us to try and tackle... you can email them to me at
brandontoshiau at me.com"

Thanks again, and have fun Naming that Song!
-Brandon Au
Yvonne Au, Coordinator
Trad Jazz Youth Band Festival
c/o Sacramento Traditional Jazz Society
E-mail:  youthbandfest at sacjazz.org
Web site:  www.sacjazz.org/youthfestival/

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