[Dixielandjazz] Doctor Jazz Web Page Update

Ministry of Jazz jazzmin at actcom.net.il
Wed Aug 12 00:52:32 PDT 2009

Shalom Jazz Fans!

I spent all afternoon yesterday reformatting the "Events" page on my
website. It's got a whole new look that is friendlier and easier to read.
And, what a surprise, it is full of upcoming gigs! And those are only the
public shows. We have a bunch of private parties too.

About 6 weeks ago I began to get out and play banjo on the pedestrian mall
in downtown Jerusalem nearly every day. Sometimes I am there with other
members of the band, sometimes by myself, but I continue to get out there as
many days as I can. Now I cannot prove that the new rush of gigs is coming
directly from people hearing me and the band on the street, but I am
convinced there is some connection. The universe seems to reward initiative.
I'd say that, in addition to whatever pocket money I pick up from tips, and
I am selling CDs too, we are booking a new gig pretty much for every day
I/we get out to do a couple hours on the street. People also take cards, and
we often get calls years after from someone who heard us, took a card, and
thought to hire us when they have an event.

In a time and place where people do not know what Dixieland or traditional
jazz is, they will not call because of newspaper ads. They need to see and
hear us, and many of them like what they hear, and decide to hire us for
their parties.

Now we have more than half a dozen public shows with free admission in the
coming weeks, and people will hear us in an even more respectable setting,
which we hope and expect will give the band more exposure, more credibility,
and more gigs.

Anyway, have a look at our new events page. The whole site was updated and
reformatted not long ago, so look at the other pages as well. And why not
pop on over and join us for a few shows? Free jazz in Israel ... well worth
the cost of the trip.

Blessings from Israel,

Doctor Jazz Dixieland Band
Jerusalem, Israel

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