[Dixielandjazz] Why do you play Jazz?

Stephen G Barbone barbonestreet at earthlink.net
Tue Aug 11 21:27:47 PDT 2009

Why do you play jazz?

Here's the answer in a nutshell. <grin>

Ms. Nguyen is a college student who came to see our band at Temple  
University last Sunday evening, She is 19, charming and exquisitely  
beautiful. Part of her course on "Jazz" required her to attend a live  
jazz concert. She interviewed me after the concert and i gave her a CD  
and suggested she email me if she had any other questions.


Mr. Barbone,

  Remember me? I'm the young lady who is writing a paper on your band.  
Your performance was amazing! Thank you again for the CD. It's really  
helping me with my 3-4 page paper. I just had a question regarding  
your performance: Would you mind telling me all the songs your  
performed that evening? Also, what inspired you to pursue  
music....most importantly why jazz? Thanks again Mr. Barbone I can't  
wait to hear from you!

Nathashya Ly Nguyen
(address redacted)

Why do I play jazz? Two reasons.

1) As a young man I played jazz to get chicks.

2) As an old man I play jazz because the young people love it and I  
like to remember number 1 above.

I did not write that to her, <grin>,  but did answer her questions in  
detail, based upon jazz being freedom.

BTW, as many jazz musos who play for the young will tell you, this is  
not an isolated incident. Jazz lives on.


Steve Barbone

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