[Dixielandjazz] Jelly Roll website updated with 5 items

Mike Meddings mike_meddings at yahoo.com
Thu Aug 6 17:59:57 PDT 2009

Hello all,

The Jelly Roll Morton website has been updated with 5 terrific articles and items of great interest and historical value.

Brian Goggin sends an advert for a previously unknown Jelly Roll Morton 
engagement in Carbondale, Illinois from The Carbondale Daily Free Press 
dated 28th April 1926.

Brian Goggin sends a terrific essay on Ezra C.A. Wickemeyer, the sound 
recording engineer for Gennett Records.   The essay includes  Wickemeyer's 
WWI draft card.  This is a "must read" article about a remarkable man. 
Thanks to Rick Kennedy for information on Ezra's later years.

Ate van Delden has solved the mystery of the "doctored" half circular 
cut-out on the Camden photograph of Jelly-Roll Morton and His Orchestra. 
This is another great piece of research.

Brian Goggin sends some wonderful photographs of Jelly Roll Morton's grave 
marker at Calvary cemetery, Los Angeles.

Southern California artist Bob Hord sends a stunning caricature acrylic 
painting of Jelly Roll Morton.

To view all the above, please click on the URL below.   Hope you enjoy.


Musically yours.




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