[Dixielandjazz] Condon show?

macjazz macjazz at comcast.net
Mon Aug 3 06:41:27 PDT 2009

A friend on the Record guild board found this.  It is in a generic (white) cover and his is all the information he has.  He isn't into OKOM and can't even identify the tunes (I'm sure it's the usual repertoire).

Can anyone shed any light on the record?

Thanks, Mart

(Martin D. McKay, Designated listener)

"Eddie Condon, May 28, 1964, Indianapolis '500'" on both sides. There is a number: RG -279 on the A-side, and RG-280 on the B-side. Deadwax says the same thing. 
It's definitely a live show -- nice stuff, with very little crowd noise (not Indy 500-type crowd noise!). 
Any thoughts on who pressed it, or whether, indeed, Condon played a show before the '64 500? 

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