[Dixielandjazz] Show bands was live vs. recorded music

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Hi gang...
If you have Debbie's email, let me know - I used to work with Debbie at the 
Fish Market in Old Town Alexandria for a while - I was working with her one 
night when an old cat came in and sat close to where we were playing, 
drinking up a storm.  As she played, he kept shouting at her on how to play! 
Not amused, on the break, I went over and politely told him to hold it down. 
Not respecting my request, the next set, I had one of the waiters throw him 
out...   That was when, apoligetically, Debbie told me, "That was Ernie 
Carson..."  We had a good laugh...
It seems he was following her everywhere, and she was getting a little tired 
of it...
Anyway, I'd like to get a message to her, if I could...  She was a sweet 
kid...  and a good solid banjo player...
ALL the Best,

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> Debbie is one heck of a good banjo player eh? Very strong right arm   and 
> wonderful distinct chords. She worked some with Ernie Carson who  had 
> quite a crush on her. He once called Pete Pepke at 4 AM to accuse  Pete 
> for trying to steal her away. Meanwhile, she was about to marry  Tom and 
> help teach him to play bass.

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