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Sun Aug 2 11:35:21 PDT 2009

Debbie is one heck of a good banjo player eh? Very strong right arm  
and wonderful distinct chords. She worked some with Ernie Carson who  
had quite a crush on her. He once called Pete Pepke at 4 AM to accuse  
Pete for trying to steal her away. Meanwhile, she was about to marry  
Tom and help teach him to play bass.

She and Tom are two of the nicest people I have every met. I think  
when they went back to Minnesota, they worked in a trio with her dad,  
Lowell, before his passing.

Listmates and banjophiles can see Lowell at:


You can hear Debbie with a GREAT Ernie Carson Band, Ernie plus Kim  
Cusack (clarinet), Tom Bartlett (tbone), Pete Clute (piano), Mike  
Wallbridge (Tuba) and Wayne Jones (drums) at:  (30 second snips)


She is featured on #6, Roses & Rainbows and #11, Villain.


On Aug 2, 2009, at 1:03 PM, Gluetje1 at aol.com wrote:

> Just got to hear Debbie Shreyer & Tom Olson as a duo at the 2009  
> Fretted Instrument Guild of America Convention, this year in Peoria,  
> IL.  Debbie's mother there also.  Certainly no big bucks to be  
> earned there.  All who play the shows at that convention do so  
> gratis.  Shucks, wish I would have known about your gigs with them  
> Steve.  Would have tried to pull a story or two from them.  Using  
> this post to give a plug to the book Debbie's father, Lowell  
> Shreyer, wrote: "The Banjo Entertainers: Roots to Ragtime.  If you  
> are an American musical history buff, you'll be interested.  Lowell  
> was a journalist, devoted and persistent researcher.  Lots of  
> photos, not only people, but handbills and such. Try this as a  
> purchasing website: http://www.mnheritage.com/
> Ginny
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>  writes:
> Same thing in Atlantic City where 20 years ago, there were bands all
> over the casinos. For example, Banjoist Debbie Schreyer and husband
> Tom on bass worked 5 days a week at the Showboat there for seven
> years, making about $1800 a week plus 2 meals a day. (She got a leader
> fee) Then she and Tom free lanced on their days off. Pete Pepke and I
> did many gigs with them in quartet form. During those years she and
> Tom bought and paid for for a condo. When the good old days ended,they
> sold their condo and went back to Minnesota.
> No, it ain't like it used to be. Too bad we can't all go home again.
> <grin>
> Cheers,
> Steve Barbone

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