[Dixielandjazz] if you'd like to leave a message for Don Hill (saxophonist for The Treniers 55 years, Louis Armstrong 3 years, Tiny Bradshaw 1 year...

Jeanne Brei TinPanAlleyCat at cox.net
Wed Sep 24 11:58:35 PDT 2008

Hey everyone on the DJML,
     Saxophonist Don Hill is turning 87 on Nov. 2 and we're throwing him a 
birthday party at Bugsy's Supper Club in Las Vegas on Nov. 1 (if you'd like 
to see Don performing with the Treniers - here's a link to a YouTube clip 
from 1953 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kq1OeibpuUw  -- there's lots of 
clips -- I especially like the one with Dean & Jerry on the Colgate Comedy 

    I'm doing a segment based on "This Is Your Life" and have turned to 
www.pricelessmemories.com to create a toll-free number that people can call 
in and leave messages -- we'll select a few to use in the "This is your 
Life" segment at the party but we'll give him the entire CD to take home and 
listen to...here's the instructions:

1)  Call 1-800-761-3643 (toll free) or 703-637-6397 and enter extension 

2)  Record a personal message for Don.  Here are a few suggestions:

            a) Introduce yourself and share your birthday wish for Don.

            b) Share a story or a fond memory

            c) Share something that you admire or appreciate about Don.

3)  At the end of your message,

·        Press # (pound)

·        If you want to listen to your message (review it), press 1

·        If you want to start over and re-record your message, press 3

·        When you're finished and are ready to hang up, press 2 to save your 

VERY IMPORTANT:  Do Not Skip Step Number 3 or your message will not be 

After October 27, 2008, all the messages will be downloaded to a keepsake CD 
so that Don can enjoy listening to your best wishes, memories, and advice.

Thanks for taking the time to call.  Remember that this is a "surprise" gift 
for Don.  Do not tell him that you called to leave your message until after 
his birthday party on November 1, 2008.

Everyone is invited to his birthday party at Bugsy's Supper Club, Sahara at 
Jones, at 7 pm (no cover, no minimum, free birthday cake!) The Speakeasy 
Swingers will be performing - which includes Don Hill himself - there will 
be videos and a "This Is Your Life" segment - which will feature some of the 
messages left on the CD

Make your phone call today.   Calls will only be accepted until October 27, 

Thanks in advance for making this a fabulous birthday present!

Jeanne Brei

Jeanne Brei
Tin Pan Alley Cat Entertainment, Las Vegas, NV
Singing with The Speakeasy Swingers every Saturday at Bugsy's Supper Club LV 
(Sahara/Jones) 7-11 pm!

A contestant on "Master of Dance" airing Mondays on TLC:

AND I'm on YouTube! Here's the hotlink to hear John & I singing!

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