[Dixielandjazz] Eleanor Powell and Buddy Rich

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Bill, don't worry about the film
s title, Youtube puts it right in front of your eyes..
Secondly I could tell it was Red, profile gave him away, also he was over 6 ft and had slight stooped shoulders. Met and talked to him years ago when he was appearing John Ascuaga's Nugget , Sparks Nv.   Real nice person, never put on a "Blue" show. Talked about all his characters. .
Enjoyable experience
Leichyd Da
Ed Coltrin 

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M J (Mike) Logsdon wrote:
> I'd lay money that was indeed Red Skelton.  A definitely sedate one,  
> but Red nonetheless.

Dear Mike and Ron,
Red Skelton WAS in the movie (which name will shall not mention) so it  
has to be him.
Kind regards,

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