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There is a Harry Herschel tune, "Torch" (When You Carry the) that features  
that line "When the gang's all gone home".  I have a more or less correct  lead 
sheet of Torch.  But I do not know where to find a recording of  it.
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(I'm  retyping this ---not sure if original was sent)

My wife's new favorite  song is 'when the gang's all gone home'----   I have 
a terrible  recording I made of High Sierra's Earl McKee warbling this tune in 
Pismo many  many moons ago....When I googled the title, i learned from a 
thread entry by  Bob Ringwald that this may have several sets of lryics but the 
share the same  melody----

I would love to get a high fidelity copy of this song that  she can play on 
our home system so if anyone can help me, we'd appreciate  it.

Incidentally, I met and spoke with Bob Ringwald between sets there  in Pismo 
that year and even chatted with his daughter whose photo was just  appearing 
on the cover of Life Mag. if i'm not mistaken so you know just how  long ago 
that was.....

Anyway, if anyone can help out an old dixie  drummer (Warren Fredrick & His 
Rhythm Masters - Roger Munnell was playing  trombone in the front line then) 
now moldering here on the coast give me a  hand - 


jere young
6311 alta vista drive simi  valley ca 93063
cell:  805  657-7111
jereyoung at dslextreme.com
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