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Mon Sep 8 13:47:36 PDT 2008

Dear ragtime and jazz friends,

Finally, at last, here is the list of performers for next year's Bohem
Festival. It'll be March 27-29, 2009 in Kecskemet, Hungary. No bands are
invited (except us, the 24-year old Bohem Ragtime Jazz Band and two
other local bands), but there will be 14 superb musicians who will form
two bands (and numerous other formations). Oddly enough, we will do a
draw at the press conferenc of the festival, just two weeks before the
music starts, in order to put together the two units. The gang looks
pretty good, so I bet, it WILL be a fabuluous event. Here is the list:

Bria Skonberg (Canada) - trumpet
Herbert Christ (Germany) - trumpet
Matthias Seuffert (Germany) - clarinet, tenor saxophone
Craig Flory (USA) - clarinet, saxophone
Russ Phillips (USA) - trombone
Attila Korb (Hungary) - trombone (cornet and piano, too)
Paolo Alderighi (Italy) - piano
Morten Gunnar Larsen (Norway) - piano
Stuart Zank (USA) - banjo
Tamas Benyei (Hungary) - guitar (trumpet and banjo, too)
Frans Sjostrom (Sweden) - bass saxophone
Ad van Beerendonk (Holland) - bass
Jeff Hamilton (USA) - drums (piano, too)
Nick Ward (UK) - drums

We will send out information about packages, tickets and hotel
reservation, so you can start to think about spending the last week of
March in 2009 in sunny Hungary. (Well, it could rain, but the music,
food, wine and architecture makes it good anyway.) I will be sending out
detailed information about package prices VERY soon. Be alert! Don't
miss the event, I've been organizing for a long time and I am anxious to
hear these guys, too.

By the way, I think, there are only two differences between you and me:
I am working on the Festival do happen, you only have to enjoy it. But,
in exchange, I will not pay for the ticket. (And yes, I am playing, too,
at the Bohem Festival.) Cheers,

Tamas Ittzes
Festival director

PS.: In case, you missed, you can see videos of past years' Bohem
Festivals at http://www.youtube.com/fobohem
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