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Gerard, what a can of worms, asking what the American Pronunciation of "Schroeder"
Off hand in some parts "Shroada", no "R" pronounced at the end. New England Accents , Midwest with varying degrees of attempts to be "Germanicly " correct and the bulk of the rest of us. probably will either uses "Schrader" the long A or Schroader' , The OA being pronounced like Road. 
Otr try to go to Brugge or Bruxelles.  Either way , it's the same place

Leichyd Da
Ye olde Mouldy Fygge
ED Coltrin
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I wonder how Americans pronounce the surname of Eddie Condon pianist Gene 
I expect to get different pronunciations!!

Gerard Bielderman
Leie 18
Publisher of jazz discographies

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